3 Ways to Get a “Skinny Mind” and Lose That Extra Weight Once and For All

A Skinny Brain

What is “The Skinny Mind”?

More than any other factor, your mindset will make or break your weight loss success. What do I mean by that? Well, have you ever noticed how differently you behave when you’ve lost a pound or two? And how great you feel because you’re hopeful about your weight loss? And how great it is to feel like you’re finally getting somewhere?

This alone is probably the most motivating factor while trying to lose weight. It’s a lot like getting compound interest on a bank deposit — it becomes self perpetuatingthe better you feel, the more you want to feel better, and so on. It’s a simple feedback loop.

People are much more likely to exercise when they feel better. And the more exercise they do, the more likely they are to push themselves to exercise more. It’s the “runner’s high” concept. Once you get a taste for the endorphins (you’ll get blasted with after a good workout) it will become addicting. It’s here that our minds have the best chance for becoming “skinny”.

 Mindset creates reality, and we CAN acquire a “skinny” mind.

3 Ways to Encourage Your Skinny Mind:

  1. Visualize it

    Athletes win because they see themselves winning.  They concentrate so strongly that they SEE themselves winning, or crossing the finish line, or jumping higher than ever before. They SEE their victory before it ever happens. And it changes their brains. Embrace this strategy! Really SEE yourself at the weight you want to be. Walk like you weigh 120 pounds. Act like you weigh 120 pounds. Look lovingly at this new 120 pound you.
    Concentrate on the new you mind throughout the day until you have an image of yourself that bridges the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Use this image freely and frequently to keep yourself  motivated and on track. Embrace it when you’re feeling challenged or unmotivated. It can not only help you make better decisions about diet and exercise, it may actually change your body’s chemistry to support weight loss. Try a visualization exercise each day to help you even more.
  2.  Affirmations

Affirmations are positive statements that support success. They’re often used to replace negative thoughts or emotions. For example, if you find yourself thinking, “I hate my big stomach,” you might replace that thought with, “I love my body.”

Positive affirmations such as these will help you change how you think and feel about yourself. When you love your body, you make different choices. You make better food choices. You exercise more. You simply treat yourself better.  Create affirmations that support love for your body. For example, “I have control over myself. I make smart food choices.” Or “I love how exercise makes my body feel”.”

Repeat your affirmations daily. Say them aloud or replace your negative thoughts with a positive affirmation. Affirmations will support your lifestyle changes (and your “Skinny Mind”). 

3.   Set small goals. 

Successful dieters learn that small goals equal consistent success. It’s difficult to follow through on a goal of losing 100 pounds. It feels too big, it’s discouraging, and difficult to manage. However, if you break that goal down into smaller goals it becomes much easier to achieve. A smaller goal might be to lose five pounds this month, or two pounds per week, or any other amount you know you can achieve. Setting small goals helps you to create a pattern of success. Each time you achieve a small goal, you’re one step closer to achieving the big one.

Skinny Healthy weight people also only eat when they’re hungry. In reality, healthy weight people tend to eat more often than larger people, because they realize that eating smaller meals several times a day helps keep their blood sugar balanced, energy levels even, and hunger at bay.  They don’t make themselves wait for 3 huge meals per day. They eat a little here and a little there so that when they sit down at a meal, they don’t have to eat a huge amount of food to tide them over to the next meal (which makes it difficult for your body to digest and eliminate).

And believe it or not, they also snack. The difference is that their snack choices are better. Snacking doesn’t mean a big bag of chips. It is more likely to be a nectarine or a piece of cheese.

And they drink water. Lots of water.  They don’t drink Diet Coke or Tab, for they know that these products are a dieter’s worst nightmare.

But back to the concept of The Skinny Mind. Use your brain to help you burn fat and lose weight. It’s the most powerful tool you own that will keep you moving toward your goal of losing weight and burning fat.

 Embrace healthy thinking strategies so that your “Skinny Mind” can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Click this link to learn simple meditations from Marianne Williamson to help you lose weight.

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