Change Your Life: Nutrition As A Catalyst

Are you one of those who are looking to get more out of your life?

Vegetarian DelightDo you have a strong internal yearning that there has got to be more to life than what you are currently perceiving to be reality?

I witness more and more people open up to the possibility of a different way of being in the world. They want to feel better in their bodies and about their lives, and are actively searching for a reality beyond the traditional 9-5 hour job… More vitality, more happiness, more creativity, and more abundance on all levels.

I was one of those people asking for more. I didn’t like my reality. My body was dying at age 26, dis-ease was spreading, I was severely depressed and feeling increasingly desperate to leave this world. Then I decided to change my perception of reality…and nutrition became the key, the catalyst, to transform everything in my life.

Simply put, nutrition is how I moved from exhaustion, depression and life-less, into a thriving and vital Being, now living and appreciating life from a place of true abundance.

How can this be you may ask.

Well, the kind of foods I am referring to are so nutritious that they positively change your brain chemistry,

your consciousness, and assist your body in releasing negative cellular memory and speed up the healing and regeneration of the body.

I am talking about food eaten in its natural state: Raw!

By raw nutrition I refer to plant based (vegan) foods only, not meat, fish or dairy. The raw vegan foods I used to heal my body and take my life to the next level are organic (sometimes wild) vegetables, fruits, leafy greens, nuts, seeds, sea weeds, superfoods and super herbs.

When you eat raw, plant based foods (raw vegan foods), you are eating “living foods”. The foods are literally alive with life force energy*, because all the nutrients are intact. Giving yourself the gift of living nutrition is like upgraded living, because you get all the benefits of the food and no loss. The food is not taxing your organs or digestive system, but rebuilding and strengthening.

Eating predominantly raw, vegan foods do not entail eating only cold foods.

It simply means that the foods are not cooked in the traditional way. When food is heated above a certain temperature, it is dead and devoid of life-giving enzymes. This is because temperatures above 115 degrees F. destroy the enzymes and change the nutrients. Combined with food additives, like colorings and preservatives, and low quality produce, over time this also radically, but subtly, change the person who is eating the food (from his/ her potential).

Low quality, ‘dead’ food changes the brain, the ability to think clearly, and creates tension in the internal organs, which may be projected outwardly as fear. As a result, most people believe the outside world controls them, which generates even more fear. In my experience, the build-up of toxic density is the main problem.

On a physical level, the cooking process destroys the vitamins and essential fatty acids in the food. It changes the minerals and coagulates the proteins. To me, it would be odd if this didn’t somehow affect the person eating the food also. Tension, stress in the internal organs, disconnection from the earth and emotional pain are some of the by-products of eating life-less foods.

Consider this: Whatever you eat shows up in your energy field as vibrations and cause you to attract identical vibrations.

What would you like to attract into your life? How about eating high vibration foods, foods that regenerate, restore and elevate you into bliss? Raw plant based foods grown organically and with love help you to clear out the lower energy levels and upgrade your life to a state of being that is authentically you. Eating this way also activates your intuition, which is incredibly more powerful than you think. It has simply been put to sleep because you forgot how powerful you really are.

There are many ways you can change your life.

It is my experience that when you eat high quality raw, living foods, you awaken to your true potential, reconnect to our Mother, the Earth, and really see your magnificence.

A big PS!

In my world of raw living, there are no limitations or rules as to how much raw is right  – only YOU know what is right for you! I encourage you to listen to the true voice of your body, because it will tell you.

*I refer to Life Force Energy as the field of intention from which we originate.

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About Simran Sofia Love

Simran Sofia Love is a Holistic Health Practitioner, Raw Nutrition Educator and Transformational Author, specializing in holistic raw food solutions, superfoods and energy medicine.

She is the creator of Raw Body Cleanse™: Cleanse Your Body – Transform Your Life, a 28-day step-by-step Life Force Energy Cleansing Program, and coauthor of the book Pebbles in the Pond: Transforming the World One Person at a Time.

Simran Sofia healed herself from a whole range of dis-eases through the use of natural medicine, but only after converting to a raw, living food-lifestyle, did she elevate and find the connectedness, joy and bliss she always knew in her heart is a natural and abundant part of life.

Simran Sofia walks her talk and loves to empower people to live as conscious creators.
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